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Betty Atwell

I am a 6th generation Texan and the youngest of three. I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. I grew up with two very talented parents, William W. Atwell and Betsy Atwell Dudley, who oozed creativity. I dabbled in the arts while raising my children. They left for school and suddenly I had all this time on my hands and an empty house-well except our four dogs. One night I called my niece over to have dinner and play/create with all of these beads and materials I had lying around in my studio. One thing lead into another and I was hooked. It was perfect! I could still create my paintings, design jewelry,and be there for my kids whenever they needed me. On a deeper level through this process I found myself again. I had been so wrapped up in being a mom that I had lost my identity. It was almost a journey finding out that I could be a mother and be an artist. I regained my self-confidence and found another way to design. I love seeing someone’s face light up when they put on a piece of jewelry. It becomes their identity and enhances their beauty and personality. It is as if I have made that one unique piece just for them and no one else. What a joy to be able to create something that gives someone that special finishing touch to an outfit that they are searching for.

Story behind the Betty Atwell Brand

My parents had a ranch in Blanco, Texas for 45 years. My father named the ranch The Circle A Ranch. Our cattle were branded with the Circle A. He had it on the front gate and a custom-made flag with the brand on it. After his passing in 2006, I took his brand and changed the name of my business using his Circle A brand above it. I changed the colors but it just seemed fitting to carry on a part of that legacy.

I chose the color turquoise for my brand because it’s my favorite color. It goes with everything and represents an array of good things. It’s powerful, bright, fun, and vivacious. Yet it reminds me of being on the ocean- peaceful, calm, relaxing, and refreshing.

With these two combinations Betty Atwell Design brand came into being.